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General Questions

What does kurzgesagt mean and how do you pronounce it?

"kurzgesagt" is German for "in a nutshell". The official pronunciation is [ˈkʊʁtsɡəˌzaːkt] which sounds something like "kurts-geh-zaahgt".

What is kurzgesagt?

We are a Germany based animation studio, production house and design studio. We produce elaborate science videos for our YouTube channel and create high-quality paper products for this shop. We put countless hours into the creation of our products. They are all designed with love and produced with great care. They are more than merch and nothing short of a passion project for us. Everything we do is meant to spark your curiosity for science, nature, human beings and life itself.

I have a great product idea that I would like to share with the kurzgesagt team.

We're always happy to hear your ideas and feedback. Just send us an email ( and tell us all about it.

Orders & Shipping

Where is my order?

In general, it takes 3 - 5 business days for our warehouse to dispatch your package.

Once the order has shipped, you'll receive a shipping confirmation to the email address you provided at checkout. Please be sure to check your spam/junk folders if you have not received that email.

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If you think your order may have been lost in transit, contact us and we’ll be happy to help! Just send an email with your order number to

Our replacement policy covers lost packages up to 3 months after the order date. For replacements to be sent in the case of a lost package, we will need the shipping address confirmed so we know there were no issues in the address that would cause the package to be returned or incorrectly delivered. If the address needs to be amended or changed, this will require a second shipping fee to be paid.

How do I cancel an order?

Send us an email ( with the order confirmation number.

As long as the order has not shipped yet, we can cancel it for a full refund.

How do I change my shipping address?

Send us an email ( including the order confirmation number and the new address in your initial email to expedite the process. Please note we're not able to make any changes to your address after your order has shipped.

A part of my order is missing or damaged, what can I do?

If your order contains posters and non-poster items, you will receive two separate packages. Please check your emails for the details of the shipments and tracking numbers (if available with your shipment method). 

If your order arrives and something is wrong, simply email us at and we can get you sorted. In the email, please include the original order number, and let us know exactly which item(s) were missing or damaged.

I received the wrong item, what can I do?

Email us as soon as you notice the wrong item. To speed up the process, please include your order number which can be found in your order confirmation email or listed on the packing slip. Let us know which item(s) you expected to receive and please describe or send pictures of the wrong item(s).
We can set up a reshipment with the correct item, so you will not have to reorder. If you placed an order to a US address we will be able to send a pre-paid return shipping label for the wrong item to your email address, and then the package can be dropped off at a UPS location.

Are posters shipped separately from other items?

Yes! If your order contains posters and non-poster items, then we will send you two separate packages. You will also receive two separate emails when your order is prepared in our warehouse, each will contain a different tracking number (if the shipping method includes tracking).

I emailed the customer support team but received an error message. How can I reach the support team?

You likely received this message if you were following up on a previous email thread with our support team. You can reach our support team by using the Contact Us page here and send us message!


Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept payments from all major credit cards, PayPal, Shop Pay, Google Pay, Amazon Pay and Apple Pay. We cannot process money orders, purchase orders, orders placed over the phone, or cash transactions.

Which currencies do you accept?

We accept all currencies: PayPal and credit card companies carry out the conversions for you and these will be shown during the checkout process. 

Prices are shown on the shop in US Dollars per default, but we do provide the option to display prices in Canadian Dollars (CAD), Australian Dollars (AUD), and New Zealand Dollars (NZD). This will be selected automatically, but you can change it manually from the top menu. 

Please note: all Bundle deals are by default shown in USD and the conversion will take place at check-out.

How do Bundle deals work?

Our special bundle deals provide a set discount when certain products are purchased together. The discount will only be applied to the eligible products, and only once the discount criteria is met (e.g. buying 2 or more). The reduced final price is shown on its product page and during checkout. 

Please note: not all bundle discounts are immediately shown within the cart, but they will be applied at checkout. In this case, a coupon code will be applied – but if you remove this coupon code, it will also remove the discount!

Why am I being charged additional fees on my order?

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We are unable to ship your merchandise as a gift, as we need to fill out each customs form correctly. If we don't fill out the forms properly, we risk having the shipment returned to us or being prohibited from shipping to that country.

Our Products

Do you have posters in other languages?

At the moment our posters are only available in English. Maybe we'll work on some translations in future.

Can I print your posters at home?

We currently don't offer any printable versions of our posters.

Where can I get frames for your posters?

We recommend supporting a local frame shop (if you've still got one of those) but you can easily find fitting frames online as well. You can find the exact dimensions of each poster on the product page.

Other Questions

Do you have any other questions? Don't hesitate to get in touch with us. Send an email to and our customer service birds will get back to you as quickly as possible.