The kurzgesagt Notepad

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  • 5.8" x 8.3"
  • 50 pages with dot grid layout
  • Sturdy, thick carton cover 
  • High quality design paper
  • Spiral binding, can be used in landscape or portrait mode
It takes 1200 hours and 5 departments to make a kurzgesagt video. This requires a lot of planning, drafting, calculating and sketching. To make all of these tasks a little bit easier, we wanted to engineer a notebook suitable for all of these things. Something simple but sophisticated. Elegant but still undoubtably kurzgesagt. So here it is: the notebook we use to create our videos. And we loved the final result so much that we wanted all of you to get a chance to use it, too. Use it for your homework, scientific research, creative endeavors or any other project in your life.