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This bundle contains our 32 bestselling products plus the 12,023 Human Era Calendar – so basically everything you need as a true kurzgesagt fan.

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This Bundle contains:

*Takes deep breath*...

  • 12,023 Human Era Calendar
  • Habit Journal
  • Gratitude Journal
  • Space Explorer Notebook
  • Pocket Log – Mars Collection
  • Scientist Duck Enamel Pin
  • Astronaut Duck Enamel Pin
  • Black Hole Enamel Pin
  • Earth Enamel Pin
  • Duck Enamel Pin
  • Dinosaur Extinction Enamel Pin Set
  • Earth Hoodie
  • Duck Shirt White
  • Space Socks
  • Earth Socks
  • Dad Hat Black
  • Deep Sea Poster
  • Solar System Poster
  • Astronauts Poster
  • Optimistic Nihilism Quote Poster
  • Starry Night Poster (Glow in the Dark)
  • Shiny Shark Poster
  • Map of Evolution Poster
  • The Night Sky Poster
  • Back to Earth Poster
  • Black Holes Infographic Poster
  • Closest Stars Infographic Poster
  • Choose Your Own Black Hole Adventure Poster
  • Immune Infographic Poster
  • Milky Way Infographic Poster
  • Duck & Friends Enamel Mug
  • Black & White Hole Plushie
  • Duck Plushie
  • Warm Wishes from Duck himself <3

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