Space Enamel Pin Bundle

$49.50 USD $40.00 USD

The essential bundle for all your space-related accessorizing needs. A Brown Dwarf Pin to remind you that failure is just a part of life, an Alien Pin to represent all the mysteries that are waiting to be discovered out there in space, A Black Hole Pin – just because it looks pretty badass, A Wormhole Pin because, who doesn’t love weird theoretical space stuff and a Duck Satellite Pin to inspire you to keep exploring and learning about this amazing Universe we’re living in. 

  • Bundle contains 5 pins: Brown Dwarf Enamel Pin, Black Hole Enamel Pin, Alien Enamel Pin, Wormhole Enamel Pin, Duck Satellite Enamel Pin
  • Soft enamel, iridescent plating
  • Width between 1“ and 1.5“
  • Butterfly clasp pin back, 2 pin posts